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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 18 Jun 2014

Smartphones are not cheap and losing one may cost you dearly. Fortunately, they are worth the price, because you can install all sorts of neat apps, including security measures. A shining example is TrackView, which you can use to track smartphones, tablets and computers. It goes without saying that the application serves many purposes, from keeping track of your children to locating a stolen phone or even for home surveillance. Its intuitive controls make it very easy to use, even for beginners.

TrackView is available for Windows PCs and Android-powered devices and it will be made available on the Apple App Store and Amazon App Store (for the Kindle), in the near future. The Windows application can be installed in under a minute, by following a wizard's simple instructions. Also, TrackView does not require any supplementary tools and it does not use too many resources.

The basic idea behind TrackView is quite simple, but highly efficient. The application is capable of linking several computers and mobile devices together, through a Google account. The best part is that you don't have to make any kind of configurations. All you have to do is install the application on these platforms and log onto its interface with the same Google login credentials. Furthermore, TrackView doesn't work with servers and clients. To put it in plain terms, the application enables several computers and devices to monitor each other.

As long as TrackView is running on your computer, phone or tablet, these devices will be displayed in the same list, on the application's tabbed user interface, along with options for accessing their camera and microphone feeds and for revealing their locations on Google Maps. When you access a camera feed, you may click a series of options, to start recording or voice chatting. This makes TrackView an excellent tool for keeping an eye on children. While they are at school or in other places, you can view the camera feed of their mobile phones and send instant voice messages, without having to wait for them to pick up the phone or hit any accept options. Another useful feature is the possibility of playing a sound on mobile devices remotely, which gives you the possibility of finding your phone or tablet if you misplace it.

A clear advantage is the fact that TrackView comes with motion detection capabilities, which makes it an ideal solution for home surveillance, especially because you can monitor your home from a distance. If someone is caught moving by a computer's webcam, the application will start recording automatically and it will also issue notifications. Recordings are stored in a default location, on the device from which you are monitoring a live feed. They are saved in the application's native format, but you can view them on its user interface. What's more, TrackView can have the same behavior if it detects sounds.


You can access and record live video and audio feeds from your computer or mobile devices remotely. The application is capable of recording automatically if it detects motion. Also, it can reveal a device's position on Google Maps.


A Mac OS X version would be welcomed. With TrackView, the safety of your computer, mobile devices or home are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy.



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